Is the Kalamazoo County housing Voucher Program a JOKE????

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Is the Kalamazoo County housing Voucher Program a JOKE????

Post  Don on Mon 19 Jan - 13:30:07

I have been a member of PUSH since it began, now I have been elected a board position which I am still trying to "DESERVE" which I have done NOTHING to earn this privilege I have been given. I am going to meeting s about every week but some how I feel like all I am doing is (Spinning my wheels and YOURS) and wasting everyone’s VALUBLE time. I have seen WAY to many men and women come to the meetings asking for the boards help. The story is often I am waiting to get a voucher Now what do I do??? It is Sooo heart breaking telling them their is such a long waiting list. The funds just aren’t their right now. So why do they give them out? Why do they tell you you are next in line when the fact is? Even if you are (next in line) the begging of the line is in Florida? This post is just a very frustrated board member and advocate for the voucher program but I really am hoping that this might find the right eyes?
Thank you for letting me Vent. Don Weed (Employment Coordinator for PUSH)
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